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The JGL Commodities Ltd app is an essential mobile solution that connects your operation to your grain facility, providing real-time, actionable information to help you manage and grow your business.

The JGL Commodities Ltd app is free, secure, and backed by the industry-leading Bushel platform.

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With a robust toolset that’s constantly evolving to meet the demands of the modern grower, your JGL Commodities Ltd app is built with powerful features to help you save time and maximize profits from wherever you are, including:

Ditch the paper.

See scale tickets in real-time.

With the app you can see scale tickets in real-time, eliminating paper slips and allows you to track your loads immediately.

Track and review


Our app allows you to track and review grain contracts. Always know how much grain you have delivered against your contract. With the app, you can make sure your contracts are locked in and secured.


Track the status of your

Find information on your payments, when and where you need it!

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at a glance

See Grains, Feed, Livestock, and Ethanol futures listed in order of your preference.

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Quickly and easily keep track of the numbers that matter.